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About AmberHR

What is AmberHR?

AmberHR is job distribution tool and an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). AmberHR gets traffic to your jobs through a network of feeds to job boards and job aggregator websites, through which job seekers search and apply to jobs. As an ATS and a job distribution system, AmberHR provides one central "hub" for all your recruiting needs. With AmberHR, you can post jobs, then source them out to various job boards. Applicants come from different job boards, but apply on the AmberHR website. You keep track of all the applicants in a database, and access them from anywhere, at anytime.

How can your company benefit from AmberHR?

  • Hire better people. By having an efficient recruiting system, you can hire better people. We all know that people are the most important asset of any company.
  • AmberHR is built with simplicity and easy of use. It can be used by anyone in your HR department without extensive training.
  • Handle all of your recruiting through AmberHR. No need to use any other website. Keep all your jobs and applicants with AmberHR and make recruiting easy!

AmberHR overview
  1. Starting Screen: Members Area
    From this screen you can access all the functions of AmberHR. Let's start by creating a company.

  2. Company Screen
    This screen displays all your companies / divisions. You can create an unlimited number of divisions and have a separate careers page for each one.

  3. Create a Company
    Here you can enter information about your company or division.

  4. Jobs Screen
    This screen displays all your jobs.

  5. Create a Job
    Enter job details.

  6. Distribution
    Select how this job is distributed. It can appear on company site, as well as on various job boards.

  7. Applicants
    Here you can see all the applicants for a job or for a company.

  8. Careers Site
    This screen gives instructions of how to integrate careers page into your website.